Three Things You Might Not Know About Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Over the past decade or so, clear aligner orthodontics, led by the familiar Invisalign brand, have become en vogue for those wishing to improve the function or appearance of their teeth without undergoing traditional bracket-and-wire orthodontic treatment. Undergoing clear aligner therapy is relatively simple and not fraught with many complications. However, there are some lesser-known aspects of wearing aligners that many people don’t discover until they are actually wearing them. Here are three things to look out for.

Your Mouth May Water Excessively in the Beginning

Some clear aligner patients report that when they begin treatment, they feel as if their mouth waters much more than normal, or as if they have excess saliva. The truth is that these patients feel that way because that is precisely what’s happening. Any time something is placed in the mouth, the brain interprets it as food, causing the mouth to water. Aligners are no exception. The good news is that the brain also quickly equilibrates when it realizes that the aligners are not food. This return to normalcy typically occurs rather quickly after starting treatment.

The Aligners May Cause Sore Spots

Because clear aligners are made from plastic and have edges, there is potential for them to irritate the gums. Although in most cases, aligners are made so accurately that this isn’t an issue, it does happen from time to time. The good news is that your dentist can easily alter or smooth the aligner as needed to make it more comfortable.

You May Have to Adjust Your Speech

Some people, particularly those wearing upper aligners, find that speaking is a little more difficult while wearing the aligners. This is normal, and simply takes getting used to and a little bit of practice to get your normal speech back. Upper aligners change the way the tongue contacts the upper teeth, thus slightly muffling speech. But most people quickly adapt to this.

Three Things You Might Not Know About Wearing Invisalign Aligners

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Clear aligner therapy is an outstanding treatment for those who want to improve their smile without wearing braces. Although minor issues such as these can pop up, they are almost always easily resolved.

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