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The Not-So-Cool Reality of Dental “Grills”

You’ve probably seen them: artists like Lil’ Wayne who have diamond and gold- encrusted teeth. “Grills,” as they are known, are certainly a unique type of fashion statement, but anything in the mouth that doesn’t belong there is sure to have consequences, right?

The answer is…probably. There are currently no scientific studies demonstrating that grills are in any way harmful to teeth, but common sense would dictate that they can only do harm. And there are no studies demonstrating that grills are safe, either.

Types of Dental Grills

Some people achieve the “bling” look with a removable device that fits over the front teeth. These mouthpieces can be decorated with all types of jewelry and in any design the imagination can concoct. What the wearer may not consider is how it may affect their teeth. Anything that attaches to teeth is going to cause food trapping and increase the potential for gum irritation and tooth chipping. Some people may even experience allergic reactions depending on the types of metal used.

Perhaps the more damaging type of grill is that which is fixed in place, and not routinely taken in and out. This variation usually consists of a specially made dental crown. By choosing to crown the teeth, the recipient of a grill can specify the details and décor of the crown itself. This option is inherently unintelligent due to the fact that altering a tooth for crown placement is an irreversible procedure. Once a tooth has a crown, it will always have to have one.

The Not-So-Cool Reality of Dental “Grills”

Furthermore, the gems themselves greatly increase the surface area on the teeth, providing more places for plaque and bacteria to hide. And it goes without saying that gemstones can easily cause cuts and sore spots inside the cheeks and lips.

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Trendy as they may be, dental grills are a recipe for a litany of dental problems. If you are considering making the transition to a metallic smile, carefully consider the potential long-term consequences.

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